HSDM Grant: Final Report

Please complete this form and submit on or before June 3, 2015 or by end of school year. If you have questions relating to this report, contact Phil Bossert via email at pbossert@hais.org.
  • For questions #3 and #4 below, you only need to report changes/additions that were not part of your mid-year 2014-2015 report submitted in January 2015.
  • Amount ($)Object/Service Purchased 
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  • A. Please complete the following information for each of the programming submissions that your project made from January 11, 2015 to end of school year:
    Programming TitleLength (mins:secs)Completion Date (mm/dd/yy)Subject MatterComments 
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  • 8. State the grade level, estimated number of students and check the perceived impact upon those involved in your project:
  • Contest NameContest LocationOutcome 
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